Peterborough Window Cleaning

Given the time resources and work that goes into constructing and maintaining your work premises, it is important that you keep the windows clean at all times, both for the motivation of your staff, and for the image that it presents to the outside world. At the same time, no business owner wants to spend a fortune keeping their windows clean, so it is important that commercial window cleaning services are efficient, safe and cost effective.

The right methods for every job

Our window cleaning takes place using a variety of methods, whether it is the traditional mop, ladder and squeegee method – allowable by law only for buildings of two storeys or less – or the Wash and Reach system, which uses a large pole to send highly cleansing purified water up to the very highest windows, which are then washed, scrubbed and rinsed. We can also offer window cleaning using cradle systems, abseiling and hydraulic platforms. Abseiling is particularly handy to clean windows that would normally be considered inaccessible, while cradles and MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) powered by hydraulics are very handy for buildings over six storeys in height.

Cleaning with maximum safety

Beyond two storeys, all of our window cleaning takes place without ladders, ensuring there is no risk to our operatives, your staff or the general public. We take safety very seriously indeed, and as such give our operatives the highest standards of Health and Safety training, augmented with constant reviews of the way we work, informed by the latest updates and amendments to Health and Safety legislation. We are proud of our Health and Safety record and we are committed to maintaining it – before any height work commences, we undertake a full risk assessment of the site in question and decide which is the safest and most appropriate cleaning method.

Effective, safe cleaning without disruption

We have the skills and equipment needed to clean windows of any size, shape and height, in any commercial premises, and we always make quality of work and safety our highest priority, with the minimum of noise and disruption to your working day. Whatever your commercial premises, we can make sure that your workplace windows remain spotless. Contact us today for a chat to discuss your cleaning needs and for a free quote.


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