Peterborough School Cleaning Services

Keeping any premises clean is a real challenge, but apart from hospitals, there is perhaps no more challenging an environment than schools. It is vital that school buildings and grounds are kept clean and well-maintained, for the benefit of staff as well as students and parents. Young children in particular need to know that their schools are safe and hygienic places to study, learn and play. On top of that there is the relentless pressure to remain within – or even below – budget constraints, which makes the need to keep school cleaning cost effective as well as being a high quality service.

The full service

To keep your school clean, our operatives thoroughly clean and polish all floors, surfaces and fixtures, as well as windows, carpets and items of equipment such as computers, telephones and photocopiers. We pay particular attention to classrooms, offices, entrance areas and halls, and can carry out emergency cleans whenever required, as well as graffiti removal. We also undertake deep cleans immediately before and after the school holidays. Above all, we believe that a good cleaning company should be flexible and innovate based on circumstances and the customer's needs – always retaining the option to start a new approach from scratch.

Assessing your requirements

Before we begin cleaning anywhere, we carry out a comprehensive site survey and assessment to familiarise ourselves with your premises' cleaning needs and to make sure that the cleaning solution we are offering is entirely commensurate with these needs. For instance, in some cases early morning work is ideal, in terms of access to rooms and productivity. In other instances, it can be easier to gain access and carry out most of the work after school hours in the afternoon and early evening, or even late at night.

Keeping the client in control

Whatever the eventual mutually agreed plan, our aim throughout is to provide a transparent, cost effective, high quality school cleaning programme which is tailored to the requirements of your establishment. To assist with this, we have a policy of ongoing contact, where supervisors and management request client feedback regularly and undertake quality assurance analysis, providing the client with a regular summary and attendance report.


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